All of a sudden I was running away from a tall slender figure in the shadows. Out of nowhere, I stepped on something that cut my toe. I looked down to see a long piece of glass deep into my toe I couldn’t pull it out. Then I knew I had to hide or I wouldn’t make it out of the basement alive. I didn’t know where my little brother was cause I lost him in the shadows.

Then I wake up to realize it is just a dream. I can’t go to bed so I get up to go get a cup of milk. It was really cold but it was good. I’m so cold because my little brother likes to have the window open. When I get back in my room my brother’s bed is empty I look out the window and he’s talking to a guy.

It’s so weird because it’s only 5:00 am and the rest of the family is asleep. I wonder how long he’s been out there. Then the man grabs him and tries to get him into his car. I yell to my parents but they were sound asleep so I ran to the garage. I got a wooden board and ran outside the man was still there wrestling my brother. I brake the board over the guy’s head and then I realize the man I one of his really tall friends.

They were just trying to sneak out of the house. I feel really bad so I come with them because they don’t have a driver’s license. They want to go to his house and play games so I drive them there. When we get there we have to sneak into the window we end up texting our friends from school.

I text my friend Johnathan he calls me east but my real name is Easton. I know its a weird name but I like it. When it’s sunrise I have to take my brother home.
When we get home we go through the window and get back in bed to act like where asleep. Mom comes in the room wakes us up and tells us about her dream. She says that in it we got kidnapped. we look at each other with that face that is like what if she knows but she doesn’t want to tell us to see if we would tell the truth.

We tell her that we stayed in bed the whole day. She leaves and we quickly go to bed because we were up all night texting our friends. We are both asleep in a matter of two seconds. No dreams just darkness. And quietness. I love having no distractions once and awhile it feels good.

I tossed and turned I couldn’t get comfy for some reason all I could think about was my dream last night I had three questions on my mind. Where was I and why where me and my brother down there and who was that tall slender man? I couldn’t sleep but then my head just sank into my pillow then I fell asleep.

Then I woke up to see that my mom was staring at me and my brother. She had figured out that we had snuck out. Cause she saw a piece of my brothers PJs stuck on the window. He looked down and saw a hole in his PJs he quickly tucked his legs under the covers. While he was under the blankets he changed into different clothes.

Earlier in the day, he told me how he had a dream about how he was being chased. Then I remembered I was getting chased in my dream too but what if it wasn’t a dream. And we really did get chased I quickly go to our room. I look out the window and see that the board from last night is gone. My brother was in the room now too. He starts to look at me then he grabs me his eyes turn black and he bites me.

Then his eyes turn normal he looks at my torn arm and says what happened. Now I’m freaked out what if I was running from my brother with another kid. Maybe he is possessed by something that we cant see I decide to get my rope and tie his arm to the bunk bed. His eyes turn black then he hits me all of a sudden he screams help my mom comes dashing in the room he hits her with a bat.

Then his eyes turned normal and I smack him in the side of his head. Then some black thing comes out of his mouth. It was in the shape of a human. we were so scared. but my little brother is brave. then with a swing and a yelp we were thrown across the room. I get smashed against the side of the bunk bed. and my little brother gets thrown into our dresser. now he is knocked out cold.

the black is now flying through the window. I crawl over to my little brother to make sure he is okay. I roll him over so I can see his face his whole face is covered with blood. I decide to call an ambulance. but they wouldn’t belive me if I told them that it was a slender black figure. so I tell them that it was a robbery.

then when they see my brother and my mom they get there strecher. because they both need to go to the emergency room. when we get there they tell me to grab a seat and wait a little while. till they figure out the plan I look in the mirror and see the black thing behind me. I turn around but there is nothing there I must be dreaming.

the doctors come out of the room and tell me that I have to stay the night. but I have seen a lot of horror movies that have taken place in a hospital so I am kind of scared. the night goes fast but it was still scary. when mom and my brother woke up we all went home. none of them remember what happened.

I guess it’s for the best when we get home it’s time for bed. thirty minutes before bed the black thing is back I tell them that it attacked us. we all grab a bat we swing and hit it but it does nothing. so we grab a vacuum we all turn it on and it sucks the black figure up. we put the vacuum in a box with chains around it. then the next morning we drive to a lake and throw the box. it’s really heavy so it sinks fast then we go home we are all so tired from lifting the heavy case so we decide to take a nap.

the end

Day Seven: if i was in charge how would i help my community

if I was in charge i would make a business that helps older people. for example the people would do things like deliver food to the older peoples door so they didn’t have to risk going outside and getting sick. the people would also make it so every older person that didn’t have anybody to talk to could face time there family. and if they didn’t know how to they would take online classes.

another thing i would do is make it so every country was shut down but the people could still go outside and take walks on beaches. like right now people aren’t allowed to go on beaches but i don’t get why not. its not like anyone is going to touch each other or go near each other. plus it would get you out of your house and give you a little bit of exercise other than spending all day inside doing nothing.

and the last thing i would do is i would make a really big shelter for the homeless. that don’t have any homes so there not out on the streets cold all night getting everyone’s germs that pass by the shelter there would be free food and free beds so they wouldn’t be cold and hungry. and when they have more money they would buy a house and go there and we would pay there rent. so the shelter has more room for new homeless people.

Day Six: My great Grammy Nezz Paxton

Hey Great Grammy Nezz!!! working at home has been really good. me and dad have been outside a lot playing pass. i hate that we cant go anywhere because of the corona virus. it sticks being stuck inside not being able to do anything. like going to the mall or going to get food at any restaurants and other fun things like that.

but playing pass in the snow is fun because i can dive and not get hurt at all. but it is hard to run in boots out in the snow. but i hope there is no snow up in Vermont. me and dad have also been going on lots of walks on  trails. we also do a lot of cleaning around the house to keep us busy.

but other than those things we have just been doing work its kind of boring having no siblings to play with. when my dad is working but its kind of relaxing having no siblings that are always screaming when i’m doing my home work. but dad is a really good at being a teacher and helping me if i get confused.

he also takes his lunch brakes to play games with me so i don’t be by my self for the whole day and so i don’t just spend my whole day dong school work. but i’m ahead two days worth of work right now. because me and dad thought that day one of work started on Monday but it really started on Wednesday.

well any ways i hope everything in Vermont is going all right Paxton

Day Five: write about an opinion you have related to our current situation Paxton

I think that working from home is easy.

because there isn’t so many distractions. for example there isn’t like twenty nine kids being loud at my house because it is just me and my dad. i am also not getting distracted by the kids reading out loud to a teacher and at home no one is reading out loud to anyone. it is also easy to work from home because when i need help my dad can help me. but at school sometimes when i need help the teacher is talking to another student.

another thing that makes me think that working from home is easy. is that i feel more comfortable in my rocking chair than i do on the floor. and i get to eat a lot more than i do at school. i also feel comfortable when i have my heated blanket and my fire place on because it they both warm me up. but in school there are no heated blankets there are no fire places and there are no rocking chairs.

and the last reason that i think working from home is easy. is because of the way that i do the work that i would do in a normal day in a shorter period of time. because there is no mini lessons and there is no read aloud’s. that take up my day and at home i get a lot more recesses that i do when i’m at school. because i can take a break from work if i get mad and i can go outside. but in school i cant take breaks and go outside.


this states that i think working from home is easy.

My Special Person

My special person is not a person he is a dog named Finly. He lives at my mom’s house and I get to see him a lot. He is a golden retriever but he is bad at playing catch. He can be a pain but I still like him whenever I get home after school I get to take him on walks so we get to spend a lot of time together. Sometimes I let him sleep up in my room other times he sleeps in the basement. Because he has the whole basement to himself.

Me and my dog have a special connection because me and him spend a lot of time together. When I get home from school me and him play catch a lot but he just runs in the woods. So I have to chase him a lot but it gives me and him a lot of exercise. when we get home we just play with his toys we play things like tug of war a lot. But when the rest of the family gets home we play fetch.

Sometimes my dog falls on his face when he goes down the stairs. And other times he slides down the stairs like he is a bar of soap. When he slides he looks so cute but when he falls he looks helpless like he can’t control  his feet at all. But, we all make sure he is okay because if we didn’t that wouldn’t be nice of us at all and we always try to be nice to animals.

This shows that my dog is my special person.



Paxton camping



This weekend I got to go camping with my grammy. It was a really hot day and I felt like I was melting. We had the air conditioning on but it didn’t help at all. I was totally sweating and I felt like I was drowning in water. I didn´t even have my water bottle with me and I thought I was going to die. Good thing it only took about 30 minutes to get there.


Finally, we arrived. I basically grew up there because I have a picture of me there as a baby, but, I haven’t’ been there for a really long time. I didn´t know anyone there. I didn´t really feel nervous because I thought I make friends really quick. And I did. I found out that I donated my clothes to a little kid that I didn’t even know. He was there so it was like we were meant to be friends. He had an older sister and an older cousin.


The first thing that we did was to play in the park. We played kickball. Then my grammy came in the golf cart to pick us up. Riding in the golf cart was kind of annoying because all the other kids wanted a ride and it really wasn´t that special. We had burgers for lunch and they were super good! I prefer only Mayonaise and my grampy cooks them in such a way where they are pink on the outside and cooked on the inside. Then he puts this Italian spice or something like that on them and they are SO good. I can eat two of them, they are that good.


After lunch, we stayed at our camper and played corn hole. Matty and I were on one team and his sister and cousin were on the other team. He was my secret weapon because he got to go up really close, so it was a guaranteed point every time. The matches were really quick because the girls were really bad.  


After the corn hole, we decided to go to the playground. We got this chair and put it in on the slide. We thought it would be a great idea to put the chair on the slide and go down. I got really hurt when my foot got caught on something going down the slide. The chair flipped over and I went flying, with the chair on top of me. After that, we decided to swing. We were trying to see who could get the highest, and then jump off. I got as high as the school roof and jumped off. I almost broke my leg. Next, we decided to watch the bean bag tournament. Both of our grammies and grampies were in it, so we were obviously rooting for them. My grampy usually wins it, but this time he was terrible. He couldn´t even get it in the hole, and he was paired up with the worst people. It took like an hour to finish because the leftover teams were too good. 


After the playground, my grammy took us back to the camper in the golf cart so we could change into our swimsuits. Then we went to the pool. It was super cold but we all jumped right in. One of the girls would jump in because it was so cold, so I went behind her and pushed her in. She was laughing. Then we all got in and slid down the slant of the pool on our feet. Then we swam to the shallow in. \\\ and Jada started flipping Matty over our heads. I grabbed under his legs and she grabbled under his foot. I pushed back and she pushed forward and then he went flying. Then a thunderstorm came in, so we had to get out of the pool and go back to our campers. It was one of those annoying storms that stop in like five minutes, so we got to back outside pretty quickly. 


Then we decided that we were going to make a pizza and cake for dinner. Then we just went to play kickball at the park for like 3 minutes, and then dinner was ready. So then we went back to their camper and ate in there. It was really good because we got to make the pizza and then they put it on the grill. 


After dinner, it was Halloween weekend. The whole camp pulls out the big projector and they play a horror movie. This time though, it was a lame alien movie. It was about aliens taking over the world and this family had to fight them and stuff. The aliens sucked them up into their bodies. It was just lame. My friend Destiny was there too and we got really good free buttered popcorn.


This was the best day of camp ever.